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Hoya acicularis Green & Kloppenburg





It seems this one has been in circulation as Hoya teretifolia, but from what I have read it's not the same and from photos it looks like teretifolia has wider leaves. Hoya teretifolia means boat shaped (teret = boat shaped, folia= leaves). Hoya teretifolia comes from India and has not been collected for many years. The hoya in circulation was collected in Borneo and was published as Hoya acicularis in 2002. Then according to Christine Burton she believes the two hoyas are the same and she wrote this on a forum in February 2005...


 From a very knowledgeable hoya friend I received some interesting information about these two hoyas in 2006. She had received it from David Liddle and to sum it up there was no flower described in the type description so nobody knows what the flower look like, nor the plant without a recollection. David Liddle wrote and I quote: "I suggest Hoya acicularis be used at the moment as it best represents the Borneo plant. If Hoya teretifolia is recollected in Assam and proves to be the same species then Hoya acicularis can be dumped."


This hoya seems to be easiest to grow as a hanging plant, but you all know me so I just had to put it on a trellis. The vines were really long and it looks rather cool on a trellis and it doesn't seem unhappy growing like this. The leaves are very narrow, only about 3-5 mm wide and anything from 5 to 20 cm long. They are dark green and don't seem to have any spots. When grown in bright light / some sunshine it seems the leaves get a little red, mainly on the back of the leaves.


I've only seen the flowers on a few photos on the internet and from what I can see they seem to have yellow/light brown corolla and the corona looks a little lighter with some red/pink. The flowers look like odetteae when it comes to the shape and they are said to have a sweet fragrance. Each flower is described to be about 5 mm in diameter and you'll find 5-15 flowers in each umbel and they last about a week.


To view more photos and read about my Hoya acicularis, click here:


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