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11 jul 2019

Hoya australis 'Kapoho'



This is a hoya that I received as a surprise from a friend who had learned that I had started liking the big leafed hoyas and it was a very nice surprise! The cutting I received was "only" two big nodes but I cut it up into two cuttings and potted them together. This was in May 2006  year and at first it grew really fast and after a little more than one year it had filled up its support. New leaves start out quite pointy but they get rounder as they mature.


In the beginning I had my plant in a shady spot right next to a window. The leaves got quite big and nice and it was then it grew so well. Right now I have my plant in a sunny western window where the leaves have gotten a lot lighter green and also smaller, but this is where it actually bloomed for the first time in April 2011, almost five years after I got it...


The lady I got this hoya from said she had found it growing wild near a beach in a place called Kapoho in Hawaii. It might be a seedling that "went bush".


The flowers were actually a little different from the regular australis. They were not as rolled together at the egdes and pointed more forward. They also had more red under the corona and the fragrance was much more pleasant and more like vanilla.

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