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Hoya caudata



This is another hoya that I bought as a rooted cutting from Botanova in northern Sweden in May 2000. I wanted this one mainly because of the leaves and it's still one of my favourites when it comes to hoya leaves. I won another Hoya caudata at a hoya meeting in November 2001 and I thought it would be nice if I put the two together. My first caudata hadn't grown much (I found it a slow grower) so this made a nice looking plant. I didn't know then, that the two probably aren't the same, but I don't mind... Some leaves had lots of grey spots, wavy edges and some were more smooth and not as many spots.


My caudata flowered the first time in July 2003 and this was on a vine with wavy leaves. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Too bad they don't last very long... It has flowered a couple of times since the first time, and at one time the flowers looked a little different and they also had a wonderful fragrance. Not strong, but very nice... I couldn't find what vine these flowers were on, but they could have been from the smooth leaved one... I later found out that I had both the white one and the yellow one in the same pot, but I never could figure out which one is which! I lost most of my plant when I moved to my apartment in 2008, but maanged to save two small cuttings... Only one of them survived the cramped space in my apartment and moved along to the new house in November 2009. I didn't know if it was the one with white flowers or the one with yellow flowers that made it... I now know it was the yellow one and it has bloomed numerous times under the grow lights in my hoya room. Definately a really sweet hoya, but today (October 8, 2014) the last part of it moved to a new home further north in this long country of ours.

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