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11 jul 2019

Hoya curtisii



Welcome to my trouble hoya!


I bought it as a rooted cutting in July 1999 and it has been nothing but trouble ever since! Several times over the years I've had to renew it since it seems to "like" drying out at the base of the vines or just shrivel up. Each time this has happened the roots have been fine, but nevertheless I have cut it up and stuck the new cuttings in fresh soil mix. The last time I did this was in June 2004 and it still looks good...


Since 1999 it has developed two peduncles and at one time it even grew buds on one of them. And, of coarse these buds fell off when they were quite large... This is what I expected it to do again when I found buds just before Christmas 2004, but not all of them fell off. Three stayed and actually opened - these flowers are really cool!


I was ready to throw the plant out if it hadn't flowered. Now that it has I'll let it stay and I'm glad I did! During December 2005 it had 6 umbels blooming - not at the same time but who cares?!! Unfortunately the photos didn't come out as I had hoped due to low light... The vines were drying up at the tips so I cut it down completely and potted as many fresh cuttings as I could in fresh soil. It is now end of March and all the cuttings seem to have rooted and some are even showing signs of new growth. There is hope for this hoya!


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