Last updated:
15 okt 2013

Hoya minahassae GPS 8816



I bought this hoya in May 2007 as an unrooted cutting from Holland. It rooted quite fast and started growing well for a while, but then I moved from a big house to a smaller apartment and this hoya had to be placed rather dark and seemed to stop growing because of that... In November 2009 we bought a nice house with lots of hoya friendly windows and in the spring 2010 I cut this plant down and rooted a nice cutting and it rewarded me with new growth almast immediately. I like having two cuttings in each pot so in the spring 2011 I cut off a piece and stuck it in the pot when I repotted this hoya.


It grew a new vine at the cut end and in June 2011 I got to see the flowers for the first time and they are really cute! Smells heavenly too! After those first flowers it has bloomed several times this summer... The cutting I cut off and stuck in the pot hasn't started growing yet, but it was quite red when I cut it off and red cuttings take longer to root.


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