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15 okt 2013

Hoya multiflora (albomarginata)



I bought this hoya as an unrooted cutting in October 2010 when I was starting a project with potting a lot of hoyas in three levels in a special pot that I found on the Internet. At the same time I got another cutting in an exchange and that made it look really good in that part of the pot (see below). I haven't had much luck with multiflora in the past, but I thought I'd give them another try in this pot together with other plants around it and under it so I thought I'd make it this time and the pot doesn't get any strong direct sunlight becuause I know multiflora doesn't like that... The cuttings rooted fast and now not even one year later they are much bigger and bloomed for the first time in May 2011.


The buds on this variety are white and green just like the leaves, but the flowers to me look just like the plain green multiflora. A different / strange thing about this hoya that I've noticed is that the buds often starts to open up before they are supposted to, so to say, but the flowers turn out just normal.

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