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25 dec 2011

Hoya obscura



I bought this hoya as a rooted cutting in August 1998 and the full name of it was Hoya obscura longipedunculata (don't know if it's a valid name or not). It was one of the first hoya cuttings that I bought and the lady I bought it from told me it was a fast grower and a fast bloomer. Just what a newbie needs! And she was right... It was soon a nice big plant and it flowered for the first time in January 2000. After this it has flowered a lot, sometimes ever during the winter.


I've experimented a little with this hoya. The mother plant is in an eastern window and gets lots of sunshine. The leaves on this plant are light green with some hints of red. I took a cutting from it (I think it was right after we moved into our house in August 2002) and I placed this cutting so that it didn't get any sunlight at all. This plant has grown quite big and the leaves are darker green and a little bigger than those on the sunny plant. I find the shady plant to be prettier, but it hasn't flowered yet and I doubt it ever will...


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