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25 dec 2011

Hoya pauciflora



I bought this hoya as unrooted cuttings (I think she sent me three) in August 1999. I put it on a small trellis and it grew nicely at first and then all of a sudden it stopped growing and lost some leaves. In June 2000 I cut it up and made a hanging plant instead. It really seemed to like that "treatment" and it rewarded me with one flower in August 2000. Then it didn't flower again until May 2001, but then it kept on blooming until October... This is one really cute hoya!

We bought our house in June 2002 and moved in August the same year and pauciflora didn't like that at all... It had stopped growing and lost a lot of leaves. It was deja vu all over again. I couldn't find any bugs anywhere, but just in case I renewed it and hung it by itself right next to our south facing patio door protected by a mosquito net. It stopped loosing leaves and all the cuttings rooted nicely. In July 2003 it was time for the yellow leaves again and by now I was ready to just throw the whole plant out, but decided to give it one more chance of renewal... I'm glad I did that, because it grew more than ever and the vines got quite long in 2004. Since then it has grown some, the leaves have turned yellow, I've renewed the plant and the last time was in early spring 2011 and so far it looks promising...

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Hoya pauciflora, whole plant in September 2001

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