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13 jul 2015

Hoya tsangii C. M. Burton




This hoya comes from the Philippines and it was described in 1998. It's named after Odette Cumming, who collected this together with David Cumming in Mindanao, Philippines. There are some that think this hoya is the real Hoya tsangii, but until that has been confirmed it'll stay here...


This is definately a hoya best grown hanging. It gets so "wild" that I don't think it's easy to keep on a support and it doesn't twine on its own - not that I have noticed. The leaves are light green, sometimes with lighter center nerv and sometimes a little lowered (read "folded") in the middle. This hoya has small leaves, about 2-6 cm long and 0.5-1 cm wide. New leaves can get red edges, but they fade after a while...


The flowers are a bit greenish when they open, but get more yellow after a while. They are almost ball shaped, about 5 mm in diameter and you'll find anything from 5-6 flowers up to almost 20 in an umbel. The fragrance is not strong and it can best be described as fresh and you'll gladly sniff the flowers - often! Sometimes they produce small drops of nectar, but not so much that they drip...


To view more photos and read about my Hoya tsangii, click here:


This hoya is now called tsangii and I will
update the pages as soon as I have the time.


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