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26 dec 2011

Hoya verticillata 'Lao 1'



I bought this hoya as a fairly large plant in July 2005. It came with a tiny peduncle and my plant bloomed the first time in May 2006 but hasn't bloomed after that...  This hoya came with no name tag, but I knew where the plant came from and searching through their website it could only be the one they call Hoya parasitica 'Lao 1', but since verticillata is said to be the true name for all acuta/parasitica/verticillata then that's what I'll call it. If anyone knows anything else about this, I would appreciate if you could inform me.


The leaves are 6-10 cm long and 3-6 cm wide.  They are rather thick, dark green with lots of silver flecks. The leaves in themselves are gorgeous. Flowers are pure "bonus".


The flowers have yellow/green corolla that gets paler under the corona, which is white with a pink circle in the middle. They smelled typically like verticillata, i e a little spicy but not too strong.


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