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15 okt 2013

Hoya verticillata (sp. Nova 1)



I bought this hoya as an unrotted cutting in July 1999. It was sold to me as Hoya sp. Nova 1, which I later found out it wasn't. The experts say it's one of the many verticillata... My cutting didn't grow very fast, but it flowered the first time in July 2000, only one year after I got it. Then it kept on growing slowly and flowering often. It was an ideal hoya!


The leaves on this plant are 9-16 cm long and 4-6 cm wide. The green colour vary on the surface, but underneath it's a little lighter. The surface of the leaves is rather rough and they are tri-nerved.


The flowers are mostly yellow with a green hint on the edges of the corolla lobes. The corona is white with a red and yellow center. These flowers have a very strong sort of spicy fragrance and they produce lots of nectar. You'll find 20-50 flowers in an umbel and the flowers last about 5 days.

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