Last updated:
15 okt 2013

Hoya wightii ssp. palniensis



I bought this hoya as an unrooted cutting in July 1999. It became soon one of my non-favourite hoyas. It just didn't want to root and when it finally started growing I almost regretted buying it. Until it flowered for the first time in July 2001, two years after I got it. These flowers smell so wonderful and each time it flowers I feel I'm passing this hoya unnecessarily many times just to sniff the flowers.


I've had to renew this plant a couple of times since I got it. It tends to get "bald" at the base of the vines during the winter and when I think it's too bald, I untangle some of the vines, cut some of it back and stick the cuttings next to the bald vines. This way the plant looks less boring!


When it comes to fragrance, this is definately a favourite!


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