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Hoya inconspicua (or not?)



I bought this hoya as a semi big plant in February 2004. I believed it to be Hoya longifolia and thought it would be a nice addition to my white flowering hoyas. It grows really fast and the new vines tend to grow into neighboring plants or anything else they get hold of!


My plant developed several buds from the beginning, but they blasted when they were quite small and then started over again. Until one day in the middle of August 2004 when it opened two umbels of flowers... That's when I realized it was NOT Hoya longifolia, but Hoya inconspicua. The all green inconspicua. BUT, there are doubts that it really is inconspicua... so what is this hoya really called? Hoya sp. Who-Knows? Until more info comes I'll leave it here...


Once this hoya starts blooming there seem to be no stopping it! In July 2005 it had a total of at least 30 umbels open at different times and new seem to be on the way all the time! Because I already have so many hoyas with candy like fragrances, this is not a hoya that I would normally buy, but now that I have it I'm glad I did buy it. Mostly because of all the flowers... Other than that, it's quite boring in my opinion.


In June 2006 I rearranged my plant to hanging. I needed the window space for something else... I put it on a piedestal in front of a window and it seemed to like it there since it bloomed now and then. After moving to my apartment in June 2008 I hung this hoya in a sunny eastern window and it bloomed like crazy! Also after moving to a house again in November 2009 it got to hang in a sunny eastern window and blooms quite a lot. In the spring of 2011 the hook it hang on couldn't take the weight anylonger and it fell to the floor and on the way down it took three erythrostemma with it... Quite a few vines were broken and there is a crack in the pot, but it doesn't show much. The erythrostemmas had it worse!


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