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11 jul 2019

Hoya amoena Bakh.f.





This hoya comes from Java and it was described in 1950.


It's a climbing hoya with rather long narrow leaves, about 8-15 cm long and 2-5 cm wide. The leaves have visible/raised veins and some flecks. The name is said to mean beautiful and that's true about the leaves! However, the leaves look a lot like Hoya sp. Bogor (link will open up in a new window) and I did read somewhere that Hoya sp. Bogor actually could be Hoya amoena... I've also read that this is "just" another variety of Hoya verticillata... But, I'm not changing anything until I know more! In my opinion Hoya sp. Bogor has more beautiful leaves and it has more flecks...


The flowers are said to be light pink and verticillata like... That's all the info I can find on the flowers and I've found no information about how long the flowers last or if they are fragrant or not... Some day perhaps I might get to sniff the flowers on my plant, but then it needs to start growing first...


I did a search on this hoya and found this link to some photos: Hoya amoena (link will open up in a new window). In this photo the flowers are yellow... In this link they look more like pale pink: Hoya amoena (link will open up in a new window) and they look a lot like Hoya sp. Bogor. Oh well, some day (when my cutting starts growing) I might find out for myself...


To view more photos and read about my Hoya amoena GPS 7216, click here:


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