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02 okt 2014

Hoya lanceolata ssp. bella 'Luis Bois'



I found this hoya in June 1999 at a Hoya exhibition (my first of many) in Ystad as a small plant and I ended up bringing it home (along with some other ones). If I had know then what I know now about spider mites, I would never have bought it. Shortly after I got it home, the leaves started falling off and that's when I found out about spider mites. I had nothing to loose, so I treated it with soap water/alcohol and it started to perk up. I took quite a few healthy cuttings from it and today it's a nice looking little plant that flowers a lot. I renew it now and then to keep it tidy... These flowers are among the prettier in the hoya family. At least, that's what I think!


The difference between this bella and the regular one is that it doesn't flower as often or as much as the regular bella, but the main difference is the leaves. 'Luis Bois' has variegated leaves, where the leaves are often only green on the edges and yellow/greenish yellow in the middle and the center vein is often red. It doesn't like too much sun, it doesn't do too well in strong sunshine. That could have been my "problem" before, but now I have placed it a little away from the windows and it doesn't get any direct sun anylonger... That place turned out to also be the wrong one since I lost my plant and I have no plans to get a new one...

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