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11 jul 2019

Hoya benguetensis IML 0772



I bought this hoya as an unrooted cutting from David Liddle in Australia. This was in September 2006. It rooted fast and started growing  a lot better than for example Hoya bordenii... My plant has gotten quite big and in April 2009 I found a small peduncle with tiny buds. The buds fell off and eventually also the peduncle fell off... I think it might have been because I had this hoya with me at quite a few fairs that spring... I got to see the flowers for the first time in May 2010 and since then it has bloomed a few times. The flowers are sooooooo cool!


In the beginning I had my plant in a sunny window facing west and it was nice and green, but after I moved to my apartment in June 2008 it got a new place in an eastern window where it got both morning and mid-day sun. As a result the whole plant became red and it's only new leaves that are green - at least for a while! In our new house it has been placed in a window facing south-west so it gets lots of sun and it's gourgeously red after the many hours in the sun. It gets partially green again during the winter, but the red returns in the spring sunshine.


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