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11 jul 2019

Hoya cardiophylla Merrill




This hoya comes from the Philippines and it was described in 1921. Some say this one is just another clone of Hoya incrassata, but for now I will keep it here.


This is a hoya that can get really big and need a large support from the beginning. The leaves tend to get paler green when grown in full sun. The leaves can get quite big, 10-15 cm long, 3-8 cm wide and they are mostly heart shaped at the base.


The flowers are 5 mm, reflexed and there can be 20-40 flowers in an umbel. The corolla is white/beige with yellow tips and the corona is white. I haven't noticed any strong fragrance, but it does resemble the fragrance of Hoya incrassata - only a lot weaker. The flowers last up to one week.

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