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07 jul 2019

Eriostemma 'Ruthie'



I got this Eriostemma from Hawaii at the end of August 2005. It was a nice size cutting or rather a looong one. I cut it up and potted the cuttings in small pots. One moved to Finland soon after it had rooted. I kept two cuttings for myself and both of them are growing really well in our southern window and if that's not a good place for an eriostemma...


After I found out that my Hoya coronaria was an Eriostemma, I didn't want any other Eriostemmas since they are so hard to get to bloom and I doubt that I will EVER see flowers on any of my Eriostemmas. I now have 11 of them, including this one. I was persuaded to get this one because it's said to be the easiest of all the Eriostemmas to bloom. Time will tell if the lady is right or not. I just hope she's still around when my plant flowers... It sure grows like a weed!


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