Last updated:
25 sep 2014

Hoya sp. 7-35 GPS 10161



I bought this hoya as an unrooted cutting in May 2007 from Paul Shirley in Holland. At the same time I bought a cutting of Hoya sp. ETS 86 GPS 10069 and since they were so different I potted them together in the same pot. They grew well together, but no flowers... I left them together since I didn't have much hoya space left and was about to move from house to a smaller apartment in 2008.


In November 2009 I moved to a house again and the two hoyas were still potted together until summer 2010 when I split them up. After that it didn't take long before the GPS 10069 bloomed for the first time in September 2010, but the GPS 7-35 didn't seem as willing to bloom. In January 2012 I found a peduncle and soon it had small buds, but they fell off when they were small... In August 2012 I finally got to see the flowers and they were sure worth the wait! So hairy and just beautiful. As I write (September 27th) there are new big buds on the way...


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