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Hoya campanulata Blume




This hoya comes from Sumatra and it was published in 1826. This hoya has also been in circulation as Hoya cystiantha and that name was published in 1913 by Schlechter. Hoya cystiantha was first published as Cystidianthus laurifolius in 1849 also by Blume. Since the only difference between these two hoyas is the size of the flowers, then the publisher of both plants has determined both these hoyas to be the same and should be called campanulata.


This hoya is actually really easy to root even though it is a thin leafed hoya. The leaves are dark green with some spots, about 9-12 cm long and 4-5 cm wide. A hoya with a lovely foliage.


The flowers are cup shaped, a sort of dirty white with white corona with a little red in the middle.  They measure about 2-3 cm when fully opened and if you stick your nose into them, you notice a vague but nice lemonlike fragrance. You'll find about 10-15 flowers in each umbel. The flowers last about a week and produce little or no nectar. What also varies is how much the flowers open. Sometimes they open up less and sometimes they are perfect shallow cups and the edges are flat sort of like a hat with flat edges.

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